Who is eligible for membership?


Global Training Center for Youth Employment is open to all individuals, groups and organizations who support it's objectives and you are welcome to become Global Training Center for Youth Employment member.


Global Training Center for Youth Employment  is you - its members.... Your commitment to become a member of Global Training Center for Youth Employment is necessary to make an impact in Ethiopia while continuing the country struggles against Street children , poverty and backwardness.


We welcome your involvement as we continue to grow and expand our objectives to engage our diaspora communities in socioeconomic development-related efforts.


You can get involved in Global Training Center for YE's work, including:


  • Volunteering your skills and experiance – as a diaspora volunteer

  • Donating useful teaching materals and other relevant equipment in support of our programs to provide material resources to education and health insitution in east Africa

  • Donating money to support 

  • Supporting and participating in Global Training Center for YE`s fundraising activities.


Please contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about our organization, the people involved and our work.


So you are invited to join Global Training Center for Youth Employment  by signing up for a membership, as an individual or as an organization.



 to join us - to be Global Training Center for Youth Employment  membership - please click here

 Reason to Join Global Training Center for YE`s:

  • Make a Difference: This is your chance to do something 

  • share experiences and expertise with other diaspora leaders

  • Do Your Thing: What impact do you want to make? Do it with us. 

  • To participate in events and programs sponsored by Global Training Center for Youth Employment and its Partners

  • post announcements about your organization and its events to Global Training Center for Youth Employment ’s website

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